Monstershop Quartet : Beard Product Kit includes Beard Wash, Conditioner, Oil, and Balm

Monstershop Quartet

$ 42.00

For an option that's a bit more robust than our mini kit, but when you don't need all the tools of the complete kit, we offer the Monstershop Quartet: Four great products that you're likely to need refilled on a regular basis.

Note: The 2 oz. kits will include The Skull for the beard oil portion.

With this kit, as with all of our kits, you'll get the same high quality, handmade beard care products you love. There's beard oil to tame the itch and fight dreaded beard dandruff, beard balm to seal in moisture and help with sculpting, and beard wash to get that mane clean. The Quartet also includes a bottle of our Beard Conditioner, something no serious beard should be without. Note this kit does not includes mustache wax (but click here when you're done to toss one in if you want).

The kit will come packaged in one of our sheer, black, "funeral veil" gift bags to minimize your gift-wrapping efforts. We're here for you.


For a more detailed description of the fragrances, click here.

  • Bigfoot: Cedar with sweet herbs
  • Ghostly Pirate: Spiced rum and orange
  • Vampire Hunter: Tobacco & spice (cigars)
  • Wolfman: Pine forest
  • Zombie Killer: Tobacco, pine, & sweet tea
  • Witch's Brew: Coffee
  • The Reaper: Tea tree & mint
  • Witch Doctor: Lime, orange, and coconut
  • The Creature: Cedar, pine, frankincense, & bergamot
  • Four Horsemen: Leather, coffee, tobacco, musk
  • Viking: Subtle woodsy scent with nutty, grassy, and citrusy notes.
  • Gravedigger: Smokey, earthy and fresh, like after a summer rain.

Pictured: Creature

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