Unscented Beard Oil Invisible Man Beard Monster

Invisible Man Beard Oil (Unscented)

$ 12.00

The Invisible Man is made with the same oil blend as our other oils, but this one has no fragrance added. Due to the natural oils involved you may smell a slight nuttiness, but that scent will not linger in your beard the way our scented oils do. It's the perfect oil for anyone who loves how effective Beard Monster oil is, but would rather do without a scented product.

This oil is made from a perfectly balanced blend of almond oil, jojoba oil, and meadowfoam seed oil. It helps fight dry skin and beard dandruff while softening the hair of your beard. For anyone growing or wearing a beard long term, this oil is a necessity. 

This bottle contains one ounce of oil. Depending on your beard size, this should constitute a 3-4 week supply.

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